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Welcome to my website.

My name is Søren Hertz-Christensen.


I`ve published this website to show you a collection of my stereo photos. Mostly underwater 3D photos.


I have been Stereo Photographer since 1980

Started with a secondhand old Edixa and Stereo realist stereocamera.

Later, I buildt my own mirrorreflex cameras from two Minolta XG 1 cameras.

After building my first Stereo underwater camera, I started Scuba diving in 1995.

My first UW stereocamera was a modified Nimslo 3D camera. I also made a couple of closeup lenses for the Nikonos V camera.

With this equiptment, I have visit some of the best divesites in the world. Not only divesites in tropic waters. Most of my dives are in Nordic Waters: The seas around Denmark, The westcoast of Norway, Scarpa flow in The Shetland Island, Iceland etc.

In 2008 I stoped to photograh analog pic with my old cameras and was looking after the possibillity to go digital.

In 2010; I made my first digital Underwater setup: 2 canon PowerShot SX200 IS in Ikelite underwater housings. I use "StereoData Maker" For synchronization of the two cameras.













3D-UW Galleries:



"Kul Kuffen"

2012 Unknown Wreck in the southern part of Lillebælt



2011 close up and wideangel pics from Nusa Penida, Menjangan Island, Pemuteran (Biorock), Tulamben and Padangbai.



2011 Torpedostationen i Høruphav



2011 Sangstrup Klint



2010 Wreck diving in Malta



2010 Close Up photos from Oddesund.

Camera: Canon 400D + De Wijs 3D macro lens



2010 From the skerries around Bergen



2004 Sipadan: Memorable diving from an oceanic isle east of Borneo



2004 From a cruise: Santa Cruz, Rábida Island, Bartolomé Island, Genovesa, Semour Island, South Plaza Island, Santa Fe, Espanola and Floreana.



2003 Bali: UW pics. from Nusa Penida, Candi Dasa, Tulamben and Menjangan Island.


The Philippines:

2001 From a cruise with MS Coco Explore from Puerto Galera to Boracay, Caron island and Apo Reef.


Red Sea:

1995-2007 Egypt, From the skerries around Hurgharda and Sharm el Sheikh



2011 Dyk på dokken d. 21 april
















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